Faith in Humanity Restored When Florida Teens Return Wallet and Refuse Reward

After Chris Person lost his wallet outside a Publix store, he searched the area multiple times. After his 72-year-old mother scoured the parking lot and looked at surveillance footage with the store manager, but came up empty, he’d completely given up hope.

The wallet contained his drivers license, Covid vaccination card, credit cards, plenty of cash, and even a gift card that could easily be redeemed by anyone.

The next day three strangers showed up to his home in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

15-year-old Lucas Perry had found the wallet in the parking lot, which had fallen out of Chris’s pocket, and with his father and sister decided to drive to Chris’s address to personally hand deliver it.

Chris became impressed with the values that Eduardo Perry had obviously instilled in his children. Especially because every dollar of the more than $100 in cash was still in the wallet.

“They all refused my offer to keep the money that was inside it, they only wanted to do the right thing—and they did,” Chris told GNN. “Eduardo was adamant about teaching his children the impact of a selfless, honest act, but I have a strong feeling these two teens would have done it anyway.”

They didn’t even look at their phones
Chris was also impressed by the respectful attitude of Lucas and his 17-year-old sister Maya.

While they talked about everything from Jimi Hendrix to Lucas’ artwork, the two teens “never even looked down at their phones”.

“We found we had so many commonalities between us—especially a love of classic rock,”

“I’m fortunate to know this wonderful, gifted, and talented family—I know that because we spent a good amount of time listening to Maya play my guitar and sing Let it Be with her beautiful sweet voice.”

The following weekend Chris and his wife got a new TV and decided they didn’t need their souped-up surround sound system anymore. Chris remembered Eduardo is very much into quality audio, so he called him up and asked if he wanted it—and he was thrilled by the offer.

“So, interestingly, one Sunday they are dropping off my wallet at my house, and the next Sunday they are back at my house to pick up a surround sound system,” Chris exclaimed. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

“I made three new friends today. What an amazing experience!”